America, Russia and China: An unholy trinity of ego, power and mistrust

These two lectures were delivered at St Michael's on Collins, in Melbourne on two consecutive Tuesdays, 9th and 16th May 2017

The first covered the rapidly evolving relations between three major centres of power: America, Russia and China. It focused on ways in which ego, power and mistrust have combined to produce a highly polarised, and increasingly threatening international climate.

The second focused on the rise of xenophobic populism in much of the Western world, and the more promising pathways that an informed citizenry might be willing and explore in the months and years ahead.

The aim of the two lectures was to make sense of a world in profound transition, where forces – old and new, creative and destructive – are busily contending to shape the human future.

The PowerPoint presentations for both lectures are available to be downloaded below under Files