Research Centres

Hiroshima Peace Institute, Hiroshima City University

The Hiroshima Peace Institute (HPI) was established on April 1, 1998, as a research institute affiliated with Hiroshima City University.

Research Centre

Human Security Report Project (HSRP)

HSRP is an independent research centre affiliated with Simon Fraser University (SFU) in Vancouver, Canada.

Research Centre

The Archbishop Desmond Tutu Centre for War and Peace Studies

The Archbishop Desmond Tutu Centre for War and Peace Studies provides a platform of interaction for academics and practitioners in the field of peace and conflict studies. The Centre encourages interdisciplinary debates and conversations between members of staff and students alike and promotes research on the various aspects of war, peace and peacebuilding. 


Research Centre

The Bonn International Conversion Center (BICC)

The Bonn International Conversion Center (BICC) was founded as a non-profit limited company in 1994 with the support of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). Shareholders are the States of NRW and Brandenburg. Its mission is to conduct critical, problem-oriented, policy relevant research in response to the problems posed by organized violence.

Research Centre

The Centre for Peace and Reconciliation Studies at Coventry University

The Centre for Peace and Reconciliation Studies at Coventry University, founded in 1999, is a dynamic, secular, cosmopolitan centre reflecting contemporary international scholarship on the theories and practices of conflict transformation, peace-building, nonviolent politics, human security, faith–based and humanitarian aid, and post-conflict reconstruction. 

Research Centre

The Department of Peace Studies, University of Bradford

The Department of Peace Studies, University of Bradford was established in 1973-74. It combines empirical, theoretical and applied research with sustained engagement at international, regional, national and local levels to analyse, prevent and resolve conflicts and develop peaceful societies. Since the Division was established in 1973/4, it has produced nearly 3,000 graduates and 60 PhDs between 2007 and 2013.

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