Religion Seeking Justice and Peace

Joseph A. Camilleri, ‘Constructing A Global Ethic: Religion’s Unfulfilled Promise’, in Chandra Muzaffar (ed), Religion Seeking Justice and Peace, Pinang: Pernerbit Univeristi Sains Malaysia, 2010, pp. 38-52.

Chapters in Book

Religion Seeking Justice and peace not only highlights the values that the different religion share in their pursuit of justice and peace but also provides concrete examples of how individuals and institutions from different religious background have worked for justice and peace throughout history. The book also exposes the danger of religious extremism, religious exclusivism and other such negative traits to the struggle for justice and peace. It takes cognizance of the impact of the larger environment upon religious ideals and, at the same time, makes a plea for the application of universal values and principles embodied in the various religions to politics, economics, culture and society. This is particularly important, some of the contributors argue at a time like this when humanity is confronted with multiple global crises

1. Welcome remarks by the Vice-Chancellor of Universiti Sains Malaysia
2. Opening address by the former prime minister of Malaysia
3. Keynote address-religion and the world: the quest for justice and   peace
4. Lecture 1: constructing a global ethic: religion's unfulfilled promise
5. Lecture 2: religious values and principles that conduce towards the struggle for global justice and peace
6. Lecture 3: transforming society-through a culture of awakening
7. Lecture 4: towards a universal spiritual-moral vision of global justice and peace