Our World in Crisis? Interpretations and Responses

24 September 2003 to 27 July 2010

Melbourne, Australia

A series of 10-week and 6-week courses offered each year with the aim of developing  better community understanding of the dynamics of a rapidly globalising world and Australia's place in it. 

Each year the course attracted between 35 and 70 participants, most of them working in education, government, the professions, media,  and religious and community organisations, as well as a number of students.

The courses were conducted by Joseph Camilleri together with Larry Marshall.


Sponsoring organisations included: 

Asia Education Foundation

Australian Education Union

Australian Volunteers International

Centre for Dialogue, La Trobe University

Commission for Mission, Synod of Victoria and Tasmania, Uniting Church in Australia

Islamic Council of Victoria

LibertyVictoria – Victorian Council for Civil Liberties

Medical Association for Prevention of War

Oxfam Australia

Pax Christi Australia (Vic)

Psychologists for Peace

Victorian Council of Social Service

Victorian Local Governance Association

World Vision Australia