Le Monde

Le Monde newspaper published in Paris is one of the most influential and prestigious newspapers in the world.  It was established in 1944 at the request of General Charles de Gaulle as way of projecting France’s voice in the world. With the appointment of Hubert Beuve-Méry as its first editor and director, Le Monde soon acquired a reputation for editorial independence. Since then it has continued to cover national and world news in depth and to offer informative and probing analysis of events.

Despite periodic financial difficulties the paper has managed to retain its independence in relation to all of France’s political formations. In 2013, the paper had a circulation of 275,000 in France and a unique pool of correspondents around the world. Its pages regularly examine some of the major issues of our time, including sustainable development, demographic changes, migration and the knowledge economy. Le Monde prides itself on offering an intelligent window on a rapidly evolving world.

In recent years Le Monde has developed an online edition making it one of the most important information sources on the Internet. With over 60 million monthly visitors, Le Monde online offers a rich array of articles, videos, blogs and comment, making it an invaluable addition to the printed daily.