Dialogue and Religion's Quest for Truth

26 September 2007

Address given at function hosted by the Drebin Interfaith Council, Melbourne

The Darebin Interfaith Council was established in June 2005 as a result of a comprehensive community consultation through which the community sent a clear message to the Darebin City Council indicating its support and interest for such an initiative. The Darebin Interfaith Council is facilitated and resourced by the Darebin City Council and has a membership of over 100 religious leaders. It is a collaborative partnership between faith leaders aimed at providing leadership, information, guidance and inspiration to the local community on matters related to faith and benefits of interfaith collaboration, comprehension and dialogue. The establishment of the Darebin Interfaith Council has enabled the Darebin City Council to access previously hard to reach segments of the community. Its development has contributed to the overall social capital of the Darebin community and its resilience in times of crisis and difficulties.