25 May 2015 to 26 May 2015

The Toda Institute for Global Peace and Policy Research and The National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies University of Otago, concerned at the lack of a nuanced response to recent incidents of political violence in the Middle East and elsewhere co-hosted a "Brainstorming" workshop on Islam and Nonviolence in Tokyo, Japan, on May 25-26, 2015. 

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28 September 2015

Professor Camilleri presented a paper at the Symposium on 'Ecology and Peace: Responding to the Ethos of Domination'. The symposium was held at Trinity College, University of Melbourne.

5 February 2016 to 8 February 2016

A paper presented at the Conference

Warrior and Pacifist Traditions in the Three Abrahamic Religions and Buddhism

convened by National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Otago, and Toda Institute for Global Peace and Policy Research (Tokyo).


The paper argues that we need to move beyond the sterile disputes of the past when it comes to the interpretations of sacred texts.

27 September 2016

This is the fourth of a series of four lectures given at St Michael's on Collins, Melbourne

Below is the PowerPoint presentation which inludes links to several websites.

These highlight important initiatives and projects involving resistance to violence and diverse approaches to conflict transformation, including peacebuilding, peacemaking.

Keynote Address
15 September 2016

Keynote Address

Delivered by Emeritus Professor Joseph A. Camilleri

to Family Relationship Centre Community Dinner

15 December 2016

To view the full text of the address follow the link below.

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Many are saying that Muslims are parochial, closed-minded, and do not easily fit into multicultural, multifaith societies. Yet a contrary argument can be made that a cosmopolitan ethic is central to Islamic thought and practice.

This is the key proposition to be explored in a fascinating online forum to be chaired by Khairudin Aljunied, Associate Professor in the Department of Malay Studies, National University of Singapore. He will be joined by a distinguished panel of scholars and commentators.

Against the backdrop of violence in Africa and the Middle East, terrorist activity, and the rise of anti-Islamic sentiment in the West, the outlook for Islamic cosmopolitanism is a defining issue of our time.

Join us for this important conversation. 

20 November 2016

At its Annual Members Dinner ICV publicly commeded Professor Camilleri for his unstinting service to the organisation over many years.

The dinner was also attneded by State Minister for Finance and Minister for Multicultural Affairs Robin Scott, Federal Senator of the Australian Greens Party Richard Di Natale, Grand Mufti of Australia Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed and Former Victorian Governor Sir James Gobbo.

25 November 2016

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24 February 2017

The newly formed Islamic Shia Council of Victoria (ISCV) was introduced to the Victorian community on Friday 24 February 2017 at a dinner hosted by the ISCV. 

It was attended by the Hon Robin Scott (Minister for Multicultural Affairs), Helen Kapalos (Chair of the Victorian Multicultural Commission), several members of parliament and many religious and community leaders.