27 November 1992

Address to the 1992 Command and Staff College, Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia

19 September 1991

Address to launch the travelling exhibition "Moratorium Means to Sop: Melbourne's First Viet Nam War Moratorium Demonstration, Friday 8th May 1970", Museum of Victoria, Melbourne

25 October 1980

Title of Paper

Nuclear Disarmament: Feasible and Necessary

4 February 1985 to 9 February 1985

Address to the Public Session on 'United Nations and Scientists'

7 October 1989 to 10 October 1989

Contributed to several sessions of the he 9th IPPNW Congress .

The 9th IPPNW Congress was attended by nearly 3000 physicians from 76 countries, and received extensive coverage in the Japanese media.

IPPNW is a federation of national groups dedicated to mobilizing the influence of the medical profession against the threat of nuclear weapons. It was awarded the 1985 Nobel Peace Prize

Chapters in Book

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Chapters in Book

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Authored Book

Joseph A. Camilleri, An Introduction to Australian Foreign Policy, 3rd edn, Brisbane: Jacaranda Press, 1979 (earlier editions: 1973, 1975).