Authored Book

Joseph A. Camilleri, Civilization in Crisis:  Human Prospects in a Changing World, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1976 [Reprinted 1978, Re-issued 2010],viii + 303 pp. 

Translated into Arabic: Joseph A. Camilleri, Civilization in Crisis: Human Prospects in a Changing World [Azamat al-adārah: āfāq insānīyah fī ālam mutaghayyir] translated by Fayal al-Sāmir, Baghdad: Wizārat al-Thaqāfah wa-al-Ilām, 1984.

30 October 2012

A submission to the Victorian Government in Australia, in which some forty signatories advocate that  General Religious Education, which includes indigenous worldviews, secular philosophies and ethics, should be provided for all students.

29 March 2011

In February 2011, the Joint Standing Committee on Migration accepted terms of reference from the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, the Hon Chris Bowen MP, to inquire into the economic, social and cultural impacts of migration and to make recommendations to maximise the positive benefits of migration.

13 September 2004 to 11 October 2004

The course considered some of the most pressing questions facing the Australian Islamic community, including the question of terrorism, the ‘war on terror’, and the so-called ‘clash of civilisations’. Is such a clash the cause of the dramatic events we witness at the local through to the global levels, or are there less emotive yet more critical factors that must be understood?

24 September 2003 to 27 July 2010

A series of 10-week and 6-week courses offered each year with the aim of developing  better community understanding of the dynamics of a rapidly globalising world and Australia's place in it. 

Each year the course attracted between 35 and 70 participants, most of them working in education, government, the professions, media,  and religious and community organisations, as well as a number of students.


Joseph A. Camilleri, 'Protection of the Sacred: contrasting perspectives from Australia', Peace & Policy, Vol 17, 2012, pp. 95-102

Chapters in Book

Joseph A. Camilleri, 'Globalisation and the New Internationalism', in Joseph A. Camilleri and Chandra Muzaffar (eds), Globalization: The Perspectives and Experiences of the Religious Traditions of Asia Pacific, Kuala Lumpur: JUST, 1998, 5-18.


Chapters in Book

Joseph A. Camilleri, 'State, Economy and Civil Society', ” in A. P. Jarvis, and A. P. Paolini (eds), The State in Transition: Reimagining Political Space, Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner, 1995, pp.

Chapters in Book

Joseph A. Camilleri, 'The Emerging Pacific Economy: Australia’s Role', in The MFP Debate: A Background Reader, edited by Ross E. Mouer and Yoshio Sugimoto, Melbourne, La Trobe University Press, 1990, pp. 15-23.