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Joseph A. Camilleri, 'Tra Europa e Medio Oriente: geopolitica occasionale o incontro culturale', in Elisabetta Brighi and Fabio Peitto (eds), Il Mediterraneo nelle relazioni internationali, Milano: Vita e Pensiero, 2009, pp. 139-164.


Joseph A. Camilleri, 'Terrorism, the "War on Terror" and the Globalisation of Insecurity', Arena Journal, No. 19, 2002, pp. 7-20. 

8 February 2013

The new year is scarcely a month old. Yet we have seen enough to know that the fires raging in different parts of the Middle East and North Africa will not easily abate – and that the firefighting efforts of Western governments may prove no more successful than in the past.


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Joseph A. Camilleri, '"Internal Conflict in an Independent Papua New Guinea": A Rejoinder', Australian Outlook, 28(3), December 1974, 308-312.

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The ICRC was established in 1863, works worldwide to provide humanitarian help for people affected by conflict and armed violence and to promote the laws that protect victims of

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21 October 2007

Keynote address delivered at Peace is Sharing - An Evening of Friendship and Harmony

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1 November 2003

This article by K. C. Boey (Sunday Times, Malaysia, 1 November 2003) reports on the book launch of Camilleri's book Regionalism in the New Asia-Pacific Order: the Political Economy of the Asia-Pacific Region, Volume 2. The book was lunched by Prof Desmond Ball (Australian National University).