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30 July 2000

Letter from Australia by K. C. Boey, in New Straits Times

The interview centred on the forthcoming Conference to be held in Melbourne on "Religion and Culture in Asia-Pacific: Violence or Healing?", sponsored by Pax Christi Australia and the International Movement for a Just World (Malaysia).

17 September 1978

J. Camilleri, ' Church and Politics', Outreach, No. 5, September-October  1978, p. 6.

22 June 2015

 The Age 22 June 2015

Pope Francis’s encyclical has been getting – plenty of coverage, but relatively little attention to its deeper insights and recommendations.



30 August 2015

Interview with Doug Beecroft on 3MBS Reflections, 30 August 2015, 11.00−12.00 .

Discussing the issues to be raised in the coming 5 lecture series on Risks and Opportunites: A World in Ferment delivered in September 2015 at St Michael's on Collins, Melbourne.

17 September 2012

The religious leaders of the Coptic and Islamic communities held a joint media conference to express their deep concern at the violent scenes that occurred in Sydney on the weekend. tehy rejected any attempt at vilification aimed against any religion. They declared the defamation fo religion, its symbols and teaching to be incompatible with Chritiann and Islamic values.

Professor Joseph A. Camilleri OAM chaired the media conference .

1 May 2020

Joseph A. Camilleri, 'Covid-19 - Lessons Not yet Learnt', in Pearls and Irritations, 1 May 2020