Nuclear Proliferation and Nuclear Arms Control after the Cold War

25 March 1994

School of Politics, La Trobe University

La Trobe University, Melbourne


The Conference was convened and introduced

by Professor Joseph Camilleri

Papers were presented by: Prof Larence Scheinman, Professor Andrew Mack, Mr Eric Chauvistré, Professor Alan Runciman, Dr Mohan Malik, and  Prof Michael Hamel-Green.

Regional Imperatives & Global Non-Proliferation: The Challenge of Reconciliation

Professor Lawrence Scheinman, Cornell University

Nuclear Non-Proliferation as an Issue on the International Agenda

Mr Eric Chauvistré, Australian National University

Article 6 of the NPT

Professor Alan Runciman, Australian National University

Nuclear Proliferation in Northeast Asia

Professor Andrew Mack, Australian National University

China’s Nuclear Arms Control Policy: Post-Cold War Era

Dr Mohan Malik, Deakin University

The Role of Regional Denuclearization in Post-Cold War non-Proliferation and Common Security Policies

Professor Michael Hamel-Green, Victoria University