Eighth Asia-Pacific Roundtable: Confidence Building and Conflict Reduction in the Pacific

5 June 1994 to 8 June 1994

Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


The Eighth Asia Pacific Roundtable addressed issues such as future security in the Asia Pacific, the strengthening of regional security regimes, the future of the Asean Regional Forum and Cscap in the emerging regional security architecture, as well as past and present Asian conflicts, non-conventional threats such as narcotics, labour migration and HIV/Aids to security in the region and the role of major powers in enhancing regional security. Issues discussed for the first time at the Roundtable included narcotics and migration, as well as domestic problems in Canada, the US and Mexico, the latter a departure from the exclusive focus on the Western Pacific Rim which had characterised all previous roundtables.